Horse Motel/Hotel


Comfortable bedded stall with or without a run so your horse(s) can take a break from long trailer rides and have space to move around. Owners/drivers are welcome to dry-camp over night or drop the trailer to go into town for the night and rest too. The facility has lights so if arriving after dark your horses can comfortably see the farm and settle in. Only 6.5 miles away in the city of Kittitas are adorable brand new vacation rentals called Brew House Boarding if you want some where to relax for an evening. Ellensburg also has hotels located about 12 miles away with an average drive time of 20 minutes. We take care of your horse or horses and you get to relax. Conveniently located off I-90 and the Vantage High Way so you do not have to go miles out of your way to stop for a night. Rate is per horse per night. Discount available for multiple horses. Extra shavings: $10/bag.

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