Custom Foal

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Horse Mares: $5,000. Typical payment plans:
- $2,000 down then 12 payments of $250/month
- $1,000 down then 10 payments of $400/month
- Other terms can be agreed upon as long as total balance is due on or before the foal reaches 5 months of age.

Pony Mares: $3,500. Typical payment plans:
- $1,000 down then 10 payments of $250/month

Custom foal fee includes board, foaling out, handling through 5 months of age, hauling to and from Rustebakke Vet Service in Clarkston, WA (fresh or frozen) or McKinnlay Peters Equine Hospital in Colbert, WA (fresh or frozen) or Valley Vet Hospital in Ellensburg, WA (fresh) for breeding (other vet practices can be agreed upon), routine mare care (feet, teeth, de-worming (mare and foal), and vaccinations), any vet calls or work not related to the foal, etc.

Purchaser is responsible for stud fee, collections, shipping, vet fees for AI, ET fees, hormones, vet board stay, follow-up ultrasounds, any vet work for the foal, farrier trims, vaccinations, registration, etc.

Happy to provide break down of vet fees for breeding so interested parties know all fees involved.

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