Boarding: Retirement


RATES: (all are full care and include items below)
- Standard board @ $300/month includes farrier trims, vaccines, and de-worming. Dental is billed as done.
- All-Inclusive board @ $330/month includes farrier trims, vaccinations, de-worming, and dentals.

Add-on packages to board: (selected board rate above plus add-on package)
- Little-Extra Package - grain for horses who are harder keepers - $80/month
- Senior Package - horses who can't eat hay - $150/month

INCLUDED: free feed*/** local timothy, timothy mix, pasture mix hay, alfalfa, and/or grass pasture and group pasture turnout or private pastures, scheduling of farrier and vet visits, handling for the visits, blanket changes, fly protection (blankets, masks, spray, etc.), grooming, administering medications, administering de-wormer, or applying topical ointment, and feeding of grain and supplements if provided. NOTE: Retirement is for non-riding horses of any age kept on pasture.

Service schedule:
- Trims - every 8 weeks
- De-worming - every 3-4 months
- Vaccinations - 1 time/year with Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, Equine Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, Tetanus, and West Nile
- Dental - 1 time/year


*free feed represents horses fed at 3.0% of their ideal body weight. On average horses eat 2.0% of their ideal body weight. We prefer them to have hay in front of them at all times which is peace of mind to them and us. In the spring - fall they have access to grass too. We have also observed that they are more likely to roam in all areas of the pasture. This helps them be more of a natural horse. For your retired equine what more could you ask for?!

**If your easy keeper needs a diet we can accommodate that too.

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