Full care only includes free feed*/** local timothy, timothy mix, pasture mix hay, alfalfa, and/or grass pasture and group pasture turnout or private pastures. We include: administering medications or topical ointment, feeding of owner supplied or farm billed grain, owner supplied supplements and/or medications, blanketing, fly prevention, scheduling of farrier and vet visits, and handling for vet or farrier visits.

RATES: (all ages)
$300/month - Pasture
$450/month - Stall w/ run

Add-on packages to board: (selected board rate above plus add-on package)
- Convenience Addition - $50/month - includes cost of: trims, de-wormer, and vaccinations.
- All-Inclusive Addition - $80/month covering farrier trims, de-worming, vaccinations, and dentals. Dentals will be covered after 1 year of boarding.

Service schedule:
- Trims - every 8 weeks
- De-worming - every 3-4 months
- Vaccinations - 1 time/year with Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, Equine Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, Tetanus, and West Nile
- Dental - 1 time/year

Short Term: Same feeding and amenities as full care. Stalls and stalls with bedding or when available paddocks with shelter.
- $25/day with hay
- $20/day without hay


* Free feed represents horses fed at 3.0% of their ideal body weight. On average horses eat 2.0% of their ideal body weight. We prefer them to have hay in front of them at all times which is peace of mind to them and us. In the spring - fall they have access to grass too. We have also observed that they are more likely to roam in all areas of the pasture.

** If your easy keeper needs a diet we can accommodate that too.

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